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OH SHEEEEEEEEEIT GUYS IT'S LEGEND SIMS?! yeaahhh me and lex were going back and forth on twitter about sims for like EVER and i reread these guys again and was like, i want to play them baw ;3; so i recolored a shitton of hair because HAHA i'd lost all of my recolors when i got my new comp, and i played these mofos like whoa, mang

some things to note; the first half of the pictures are like two years old so they're a) p. bad quality and b) i probably don't remember why most of them are relevant!! so... yeah..........

ok let's do dis here is the last part if u need recaps....................

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Well, now that Usa's finished this awesome meme for Don, I feel the need to not only repost Seppy's here (since originally in was in my journal), but to update it as well!

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God that took forever.
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i've had this rolling around in my head for a few days. technically, i should probably leave it there, as it would be an actual RP reply, but i know it's gonna take approximately 45834657826572 years before Monochrome reaches this point, so i'm just gotta post it here

also, it works better as a short story than 9000 playercest posts

Title: Break At the Bend
Theme Song: "Shimmer" by Fuel.
Characters: Paru, Sepia
Rating: PG, I guess? Idek.
Summary: Paru finds herself once again in a terrifying and all-too-familiar situation when she's saved by the courage of one devout worshiper. But will she have the power to in turn save that same devoutée from a much more despairing fate?
Warning: Might contain spoilers. Might not. It's not a "canon" story, as the details of the plot from which is this inspired still have yet to be discussed and finalized.

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oh wow ~dramas~

but like i said, not sure if this will end up canon or not. it'll be a while before i can tell, but i just wanted to type it out regardless

also i'm not proof reading and you can't make me
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Okay, so a few weeks ago, I decided to restart my Monochrome TS3 file. Mainly because I was bored and couldn't really do much more with the original. To challenge myself, however, I included a twist...

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And that's where I left off. The game continues to be psychic, however.
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It was a lovely day in Castelia city, and Belle Biancardi was terribly excited, for more reasons than she could even keep straight! For one, she'd never actually been to Castelia city before, let alone it's remarkable coastal airport. She leaned against the railing on the pier outside the terminal, watching the skyline intently for any little speck that would hopefully soon reveal itself as the plane carrying the two special guests she'd been sent to pick up.

She'd been surprised to get a call from her cousin Barry out of the blue, after all, she hadn't seen them since they were children, and frankly the memory was much fuzzier for her than for him due to their age difference. But it was certainly exciting to hear from him, so when he asked her a favor, she agreed quickly. Two of his friends, apparently, were flying in to Castelia to take the Isshu trainer challenge, and he needed her to pick them up and help them get on their feet in the new country.

Humming quietly to herself, still watching the clouds, she privately marveled at what a coincidence it was that these two were arriving on the same day all her friends would be starting their own journeys, each with a pokemon of their very own. She was actually quite glad that she had something so exciting to occupy her today, instead of just sitting at home and wishing that her father had allowed Professor Juniper to give her a pokemon as well. This is not to say, however, that she wouldn't be leaving, oh no. She had her own plans for that! As long as all her friends waited for her to get back to Nuvema town before leaving, everything should work out just fine.

But those were all thoughts for later, now was the time to wonder about her cousin's mysterious friends! He hadn't told her that much about them, aside from their names; Sepia and Donovan. She wondered what they would be like?
oh that sounds like fun!
Olivine was a beautiful city. It struck her as a cross between the cheery Sunyshore and the gloomy Canalave Cities, especially with Cianwood Town and it's island just across the sea. The couple had been in Johto for over two weeks now, and with each passing day Sepia found herself getting a little more anxious; anxious to return home, anxious to hear any word from the Indigo Champion about her search. But being reminded of her beloved homeland soothed her nervous mind. Getting away from those troublesome Ho-Oh twins in Ecruteak City probably helped some as well, and she couldn't help but blush just slightly at the memory of Amora getting a little too friendly with her back at the peak of the Tin Tower.

But the pair had been enjoying one of their last remaining days in Johto, taking in the sights of the quaint port town, when the Twinleaf native received a call on her cell phone from out of the blue. The ringtone it played was the general one, denoting that the caller wasn't in her contacts, and immediately, she knew who it was.

"I have your information," the Indigo Champion stated simply.

"Ah... Can... How should I...?" Sepia fumbled for her words, not quite sure what to say especially with Donovan right beside her.

"When's a good time for you?" The older woman replied.

"L-Later... Tonight?"

"Early evening, then. I'll send my Hypno for you."

As she hung up the phone, the former Champion gave her boyfriend an uneasy smile. "That was the Indigo Champion," she explained. "Seems I can go get Dabby now. So I'll do that later on once we're back at the hotel."

She hoped he wouldn't ask to come along.
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HI GUYS i come back from con bearing doodles that are relevant to your interests!! because i needed something to do the few days before where i had no internet access i was too lazy to push all of the stuff off of my scanner so i could scan them, so have some camera pix instead fkdjlshfkjsd i'll maybe scan them when i am not super tired and clean them up some??

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i will go and thoroughly read other postings here when i am less on the verge of passing out fjkhfjkldsj
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okay guys. i'm bored as fuck, and can't do much because I'm downloading a huge ass TS3 patch and ever since downgrading my internet a few weeks ago, things that took 10 minutes to download now take 30+. what does this mean?

tons of shit! mostly memes. here you go.

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but what i was actually looking for? more 1sentence stuff, hell yeah. who's featured this time? several people. i know most of them aren't relevant to anyone's interests, but whatevs.

Title: Desert Rose.
Pairing: Juno and Soren.
Set: Beta.
Notes: Soren's not mine, but I feel confident to write for him. After 3+ years in this particular RP, almost 10 in general with his player, AND the fact that he's Hoshi's reincarnation, I'm not worried.

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Title: Like Galaxies In My Head.
Pairing: Freya and Amir (aka, Nadia's parents).
Set: Gamma.
Notes: Same deal with Amir as with Soren. Only Amir is Finch's reincarnation.

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Title: I Am.
Pairing: Sepia and Donovan as adults.
Set: Delta.
Notes: As in hausfrau and Gymleader, though ranges on the timeline from newlyweds to the return of Galaxy.

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okay, i'm tired, so i'll finish these tomorrow. i gave up on TS3 because my mods kept borking the game after applying the new patch and i got tired after spending an hour sifting through my 4.5gigs of stuff to try and find the problem CC. i figured out it's my hacks, but which of my 71 hacks? WHO KNOWS
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